The fight in Yemen, operation of the Arabian coalition

Wed, 01.04.2015 23:58

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ The number of victims of air strikes by the air force in Saudi Arabia and its allies in the coalition against the rebels Houthis in Yemen has risen to 45 people. As the channel trtсо reference to Agence France Press, the victims had led the attack on the area near the refugee camp. Reported 65 affected.

The Saudi air force with air support Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates began on the night of March 19, the operation called "Storm of the determination against the rebels of the movement Ansar Allah, who established control over a large part of the territory of Yemen. To the Arabian coalition joined Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan and Sudan. As stated by the representative of the joint command of General Ahmed Asiri, the operation will continue until the achievement of the stated objective is the restoration of the legitimate authorities of the government in Yemen led by President abdrabuh Mansur Hadi.

According to TV channel euronews, Monday, March 30, Egyptian warships fired on the advancing formation Houthis in the area of Aden.

Shiite rebels still control a significant part of Yemen, including the capital Sana'a, and lead the attack on the city of Aden, which protects part, loyal to President Abd al-RAB Mansur Hadi.


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