The famous American actor Harrison Ford was in a plane crash

Fri, 06.03.2015 12:39

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Not short of the airport and caught a few trees, the plane crashed to the ground.

Twin-engine aircraft, a pilot of which was a famous American actor Harrison Ford, broke, fell on the field for a game of Golf in the suburbs of Los Angeles. The actor has received numerous injuries, including head and was hospitalized.

The cause of the crash was mechanical failure of the aircraft. Almost immediately after departure from the airport Santa Monica Harrison Ford told the managers about the engine failure and requested an emergency landing.

Ford enjoys aviation since the 1960s, and regularly flies at the controls of aircraft and helicopters. This is not the first aviation accident in which he finds himself.

In October 1999, on the ground helicopter crashed under the control of a movie star.Thus, according to the fire Department of Los Angeles, the pilot was alive and conscious after landing his name was not officially named.

The service representative told me that when the brigade arrived at the scene, they saw the victim, who received the "injury of medium gravity, and his condition was "between medium and heavy.

The son of actor - Ben Ford wrote on Twitter: "In the hospital. Father - right. He went, but he is right. He's... an incredibly powerful man."

Judging by the pictures, the plane of Ford two - seat training Ryan PT-22-RY (version training Ryan ST for the U.S. military). First flight of the aircraft of this series was made in 1934. Judging by the serial number of the aircraft Ford 41-20650, he originally belonged to the U.S. air force.


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