The event devoted to the senior generation took place in Kiev

Sat, 19.10.2013 02:00

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ On the occasion of The Kurban Bayram holiday the Religious Administration of Ukrainian Muslims (DUMU) organized the event for older people, the press service of DUMU reported.

"On Friday our dear grandparents gathered all together to see the performances of their grandchildren. Kids prepared for them poems about love and family in Azeri, Tajik, Tatar, Chechen, and Ukrainian languages. The children sang songs, talked about religion in Arabic and tried hard to make this event full of love, warmth and joy", the DUMU’s press service said.

The Deputy Mufti of Ukraine Sheikh Rustam Gafuri said grateful words to the elders and thanked them for knowledge of Islam, culture and traditions.

"Our elders also made speeches and thanked God he gave them an opportunity for observing the Islam rituals without any obstacle. Besides they told about formation of Muslim community and how they were taught by sheikhs", - the source reported.

The event was ended by Mufti of Ukraine Sheikh Akhmed Tamim. Addressing the audience, he expressed the gratitude to an older generation.


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