The deputies require the resignation Kolomoisky

Fri, 20.03.2015 14:46

Kiev/ Uktaine in Arabic/ "We demand to provide assessment of the actions of the Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region and will demand his resignation because of his behavior and insult the journalist Andrushko. In a country emerging Maidan, impractical such statements. Therefore, we will raise the issue of his resignation," said Leshchenko.

In addition, also the head of the faction of the Opposition bloc Yuriy Boyko believes that the government Yatsenyuk shall initiate dismissal Kolomoisky. As reported Корреспондент.net, the night of 20 March, the head of Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration Igor Kolomoisky rudely talked to the journalist of Radio Liberty Serhiy Andrushko. The incident occurred around midnight near the Kyiv office of the company Ukrtransnafta, which sparked the conflict associated with the change of the Director. When, after six hours at room Kolomoisky came out of the office, the reporter asked him what the officer is doing at night in the office of the state enterprise. Kolomoisky answered the question swearing and asked why the journalist is not interested in how the company got Russian saboteurs.

In addition, in the course of communication with journalists Kolomoisky stated that he suspects the Deputy head of the parliamentary faction of the PPB Igor Kononenko in the organization of the "raiding" of state enterprise PJSC Ukrtransnafta.

Recall, on Thursday, March 19, at the meeting of the Supervisory Board Ukrtransnafta was decided to remove the head Board of the company Oleksandr Lazorko. Temporarily exercise the authority of the head of Ukrtransnafta appointed until August 10, Yuri Miroshnik. At the same time he Lazorko barricaded themselves in the building of the company and said he intends to challenge his dismissal in court. In the evening the Chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration Igor Kolomoisky accompanied by armed men arrived in Kiev office Ukrtransnafta. Later the building Ukrtransnafta arrived and first Deputy Kolomoisky Gennady Korban. From the office tried to expel the newly appointed acting Chairman of the Board


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