The delegation of Arab Centre of Zaporozhye and Association of Arab physicians of Ukraine paid an official visit to Morocco

Fri, 24.04.2015 15:59

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ The delegation included a representative of the information service of the Association of Arab physicians of Ukraine, President of the Arab center of Zaporozhye Dr. Naufal Hamdani and member of the Association, Dr. Maryam Hanini. The guests were received by Ambassador of Ukraine to the Kingdom of Morocco Yaroslav Koval.

The parties discussed the basics of mutual cooperation between the Association of Arab physicians of Ukraine and the Embassy, ways of development and improvement, referring to the situation of Arab doctors working in Ukraine, as well as Arab students, in particular Moroccan who study in our universities.

During the visit, met with the Consul General of Ukraine Igor Geletey, where he discussed the issues of strengthening of mutual dialogue and exchange of experience in the field of social work.

In addition to this meeting Nawfal Hamdani visited the Parliament of Morocco, where he was received by the deputies Mustafa Ibrahimi and ISA Amici. During the call, Dr. Hamdani told about the activities of the Arab center of Zaporozhye and the Association of Arab physicians of Ukraine. Ukrainian delegate also called for joint efforts for the development of relations between the two countries at all levels.

SourceIP "Ukraine in Arabic"

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