The deal between Iran and the U.S. over nuclear weapons under threat

Tue, 03.03.2015 15:57

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Netanyahu said that the deal will not be able to keep Tehran from building a nuclear bomb.

on 3 March, on Tuesday, he must appear before Congress. These plans have raised the IRE of the Obama administration, because they were not agreed in advance with the White house.

March 17, Israel will hold parliamentary elections. Preliminary surveys conducted in the country, predicting party of Netanyahu's Likud tough competition.

Netanyahu tried to add to your visit as much as possible symbolism. Before flying to the United States, he visited the wailing Wall in Jerusalem, where he stated that the existence of Israel "is again under threat".

The Prime Minister said that Israel is strongly opposed to the agreement with Iran, which currently operates the "six" of international mediators (Russia, USA, China, Britain, France and Germany).


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