The Day of Chechen culture held in Dnepropetrovsk region

Wed, 03.07.2013 02:00

Ukraine in Arabic/ On July 1st, the Day of Chechen culture was held in Dnepropetrovsk region. It took place at hall of the Music School №4.

The event was attended by chairman of The Diaspora of the Chechen people All-Ukrainian public organization Salman Sadaev, chairman of the Kiev office of The Diaspora Arbi Kaimov, chairman of the Kirovograd office Rustam Bazhaev and representatives of Crimea and Khmelnitsky Chechen diasporas. The representatives of the International Union public organization (IU) and members of the various national communities in Krivoy Rog also became the participants of the event.

Before the official part, video of modern Chechen Republic was shown to the visitors. Students of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University who had been at Chechen republic before, were the anchors of the holiday.

The deputy of the city council of Krivoy Rog Lyudmila Tsarikova congratulated the Chechen people with such a holiday in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

“Nowadays the Chechen Republic is the most active builder of peace in the North Caucasus. Such kind of event will benefit the strengthening of friendship between Chechnya and Ukraine”, - Tsarikova stressed.

Then the guests were welcomed by the chairman of Krivoy Rog office of The Diaspora Sergei Isayev and main chairman Salman Sadaev.

“The Days of Chechen cultures, carried out in regions of the country, are very important for the strengthening of international contacts and friendly relations between the representatives of the Chechen people and other small nations living on the territory of Ukraine”, Sadaev said.

He also thanked all those who participated in the organization and conduct of the holiday of culture of the Chechen people.

Sergey Isaev expressed the hope that Krivoy Rog office of The Diaspora will take its rightful place among the national communities of the city.

Yuri Kosenko told about the traditions, customs, nature and history of the Chechen Republic. Performance was accompanied by the reading of poems in Ukrainian and Chechen languages and songs.

Students had visited Chechnya shared their impressions of the trip.


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