The children’s holiday "With love in the heart" was held in Kiev

Sun, 01.06.2014 02:00

KYIV/Ukraine in arabic/ On June 1st, a holiday “With love in the heart" for kids from international families and national minorities of Ukraine.took place in the capital of the country.

The event was organized by the International Union public organization.

Every child who had come to the holiday with its parents got the ball with Ukrainian national symbols at the entrance. A lot of guys have worn embroidered shirts.

Master classes, competitions, games, photo zone, theatrical and acting skills were prepared for kids. Also children got a chance to leave an imprint of theirs palms on commemorative posters.

Meanwhile, mothers had a possibility to visit an advisory Women’s Club which helped them to understand their children better.

The celebration was started with a speech of chairman of International Union Larisa Abramovich.

"Dear children and their parents! Today we have an amazing holiday of love for the dearest people in our lives, for our kids. They deserve sincere and pure love. I would like to wish all of you good mood and cheerful holiday. Children, this holiday is for you!", - Larisa Abramovich said.

The event was led by a project manager of Magic kids international Natalia Saykevich. "We divided a room for 5 interactive sections. There are a lot of entertainment stuffs in every department", - Natalia Saykevich said.

An atmosphere of celebration, happiness and fun was created by The Beehive of Ideas club ("Vulyk Idei"). Children’s unforgettable emotions were caused by Pippi Longstocking. The Honored Artist of Crimea Lenara Osmanova performed a dynamic and beautiful song "Dance".

"Kids are happy; it’s the most important thing. I believe that such events should be carried out more often", head of the Association of conscious parenting Larisa Cheprasova said.

The head of the Zgoda partnership of Poles in Kiev Victoria Radik taught children how to make traditional Polish paper flowers.

The event was attended by Lebanese, Azeri, Chechen, Egyptian, Polish, German and Palestinian families of Ukraine.

Various delicacies for dessert were kindly provided by the Embassy of Lebanon in Ukraine and Azeri, Palestinian and Chechen Diasporas of Ukraine. Children were hosted at Halal café.

"There is no secret that the International Union pays special attention to children. Such holidays are our duty. The primary responsibility of every parents is to make their child happy", - said Larisa Abramovich ending the event.

At the end of the holiday, children received different gifts.


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