The Chechen Diaspora congratulated Poroshenko on winning the elections

Mon, 02.06.2014 23:00

KYIV/Ukraine in arabic/ The head of The Chechen Diaspora of Ukraine public organization Danil Goncharov and its members congratulated Poroshenko with victory on president elections held on May 25, 2014.

"Please accept our sincere congratulations and best wishes on your victory in the presidential elections in Ukraine. Voting results clearly showed that the people of Ukraine supports and trust you. This is the recognition and appreciation of you as a person who puts the interests of the country and  people above all.

We wish you good health, happiness and success in your activities for the benefit of a multi-ethnic and unified Ukraine.

Peace, stability and prosperity to you and all the Ukrainian people, " says in a congratulatory letter.

Petro Poroshenko was supported by 54.7% of Ukrainian voters what allows him to win at the first round of president elections and become the fifth president of Ukraine. On June 3 the parliament of Ukraine (Verkhovna Rada) appointed date of the official inauguration of newly elected head of state on June 7.


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