The celebration of the Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad was conducted in Kiev

Thu, 22.05.2014 02:00

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ On Thursday, May 22, a solemn ceremony on the occasion of the Night of Ascension (Miraj) and Night Journey (Isra) of the Prophet Muhammad was held in the Ar-Rahma Kiev mosque.

Traditionally the event was opened by reading of the Koran. Ayats of the Holy Scriptures have been read out by a student of the Islamic University of Religious Administration of Ukrainian Muslims (DUMU) Abdul Majid.

After the Ar-Rahma and Miras ensembles demonstrated to audience their talents by performing a song about love for the Prophet, peace be on him, in Arabic, Russian and Tatar languages.

Further Ambassador of Palestine in Ukraine Mohammed Al-Asaad took the floor. He said this occurred many years ago holiday is directly related to his homeland – Palestine. He reminded that the Prophet Muhammad during his Night Journey has been moved exactly to Jerusalem. According to Palestinian diplomat, Muslims all over the world need to remember about the sanctity of this place and to protect him especially now during the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

The Mufti of Ukraine Sheikh Akhmed Tamim addressing the guests thanked them for their presence at the celebration, briefly recalled the history of the Night Journey and Night of Ascension, and called the Ukrainian nation to unite, develop and get acquainted with the people from different regions of our country.

"We are speaking about the integrity of our state. Ukraine is a unified country but there is no cohesion. It is a role of those persons who would like to lead our state. As for us we’re spiritual ones and working for developing of our multi-ethic and multicultural society", Tamim said.

Also he added that the cohesion of multinational Muslim community of Ukraine should become a good example for other Ukrainians.

The head of the Palestinian diaspora in Ukraine Khalil Amro, speaking to guests, urged all Muslims to support the Al-Aqsa mosque and not let the Israeli authorities to destroy it.

On behalf of the Palestinian diaspora Khalil Amro also invited everyone to visit Jerusalem and called all Muslims to support Ukraine and its people in this difficult time.

At the end of the event everyone could view the exhibits of national costumes of the peoples of various Muslim countries, religious books and household items.


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