The Black Sea International wrestling tournament among men took place in Odessa

Tue, 29.04.2014 23:00

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ On Wednesday, April 30, the awarding of winners ofThe Black Sea International wrestling tournament among men was held in Odessa.

This tournament is one of the stages of selection for the World Championships which will be held in October this year in Uzbekistan. Many sportsmen who take part in The Black Sea tournament are the members of the national team of Ukraine.

The competition was organized by Odessa regional sports committee, Odessa regional federation of wrestling, The Diaspora of the Chechen people Ukrainian public organization and The International Union public organization.

Despite the difficult situation in Ukraine, there were a lot of sportsmen from Kirghizia, Belarus, Russia, Moldova and Israel. Ukrainian athletes represented 15 regions of our country. Altogether 135 persons participated in the competitions

On the first day of the tournament athletes competed for medals in five weight categories: 57, 61, 65, 70, 74 kg.

On the final day of the tournament preliminary and final battles held in weight categories: 86, 97, 125 kg.

The judgment of competition consisted of representatives from almost all regions of Ukraine. Victor Nazarchuk, Nicholas Buzuyan, Peter Misheyev, and others judged the tournament.

The Chief Judge of The Black Sea Ukrainian wrestling tournament is the Honored coach of Ukraine and international referee Victor Arnautov.

He told that the tournament has begun in 1975 under the name of Marshal Malinovsky (The Ukrainian tournament of Marshal Malinovsky). After it was transformed to The Black Sea International wrestling tournament and became the most popular in Ukraine.

"Many sportsmen who has taken part in our tournament, subsequently became world champions at Olympic Games", - said Arnautov.

The Chief Judge of the Black Sea said that The Diaspora of the Chechen people has established prize fund for athletes in the amount of $ 1,000 for first place, $ 500 - for the second and $ 200 for third place. According to Arnautov, they take into the account not onlymerits of athletes but their coaches too. Thus, the amount of remuneration for the coach was $ 500.

In addition, the Chief Judge told about support for sportsmen of The Chechen Diaspora of Odessa and region. He reported that organization finances the trips of local athletes to competitions and the tournaments and renders a significant contribution to the development of sport in Ukraine.

Arnautov also told about the president of the Odessa regional federation of wrestling Beslan Tushtarov, who is a master of sports of international class, one of the best fighters of the USSR and world champion among masters. Tushtarov also contributes greatly to the development of wrestling in the Odessa region

Tushtarov told that many coaches and referees presented at the competition were the members of it earlier. He stressed that wrestling and all another sports in Ukraine require government support. "We are lagging behind. I speak as a coach of the national team of Ukraine. At such tournaments we are trying to restore some of the status quo. "We must not forget that nowadays professional sport is financially dependent", said the president of the regional federation of wrestling.

Tushtarov noted that this competition is organized by support of The International Union (IU) and The Chechen Diaspora.

The chairman of IU Larisa Abramovich, speaking about the tournament said that her organization provides a financial support already during 10 years. "Many sportsmen who has taken part at this competition are ethnic Chechens therefore quite natural that the Chechen diaspora support this tournament", said Abramovich.

She said that in addition to the prize fund, the Chechen diaspora has created two special prizes: The youngest winner of the tournament and The Best wrestler of the tournament. These are diplomas and cash prizes in the amount of 5,000 UAH.

At the end of the awards ceremony certificates and letters of appreciation were awarded to organizers and sponsors of the event. The president of The Victory judo organization Alexander Matyakin handed over the certificate for valuable contribution to the development of sports to head of The Diaspora of the Chechen people Danil Goncharov. The letters of thanks were given to Larissa Abramovich and Beslan Tushtarov. Editor in chief of The UMMA First Ukrainian Islamic news agency Mohammad Farajallah  was awarded by certificate for the information support of the tournament.


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