The authorities said which salary will deputies receive after raising

Thu, 16.01.2020 12:53

After indexing ukrainian deputies will receive an average salary of 42 thousand hryvnias per month.

This was told in an interview with Radio NV by the deputy head of the parliamentary faction, Servants of the People, Yevgenia Kravchuk.

“In fact, wages will increase only in connection with an increase in the cost of living. This is indexing, it is not even an increase. And it will increase by several thousand hryvnias - on average it is somewhere around 42 thousand hryvnias per month (if this is a member of the committee, not the head, there is a little more). And it was 38–39 thousand, ”she said.

Kravchuk also called the salary of MPs currently sufficient. Thus, she commented on the statement of the head of the “Servants of the People” faction David Arahamia that people's deputies should pay up to 100 thousand hryvnias.

“We even had a discussion after this comment. The deputies themselves said that now this is definitely not the right time, and we are ready to wait until the economy really works. Not only will there be some percent of GDP, but they will go into a real increase in citizens' incomes. Because starting with oneself is not very correct, ”said the people's deputy.

Source: Bykvu

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