The attack in Kharkiv

Mon, 23.02.2015 15:12

Kiev/Ukraine in Arabic/ February 22, Kharkiv explosion occurred during the procession in honor of the anniversary of Euromayday. According to recent reports, killed two people, injured more than a dozen people. 

In Kharkiv on Monday, February 23, declared a day of mourning.  A day of mourning in Kharkiv, for the victims of Sunday's bomb blast at a pro-Ukrainian rally.


Flags across the Ukrainian city will be lowered, entertainment cancelled and a moment of silent held, to remember those who died.


At least two people were killed and scores injured after the remote device was detonated - as around 500 activists marched on the first anniversary of Ukraine's Euromaidan Revolution. Four suspects thought to have received weapons and instructions in Russia were arrested after the anti-terrorist operation was launched in the wake of the attack.


A rocket launcher was found during one arrest, a Ukrainian Security official said. Police said the device which killed the senior police officer and a leader of Kharkiv's EuroMaidan movement was concealed in a plastic bag.


The attack happened as EU leaders and international delegations gathered in Kyiv to honour the victims of Ukraine's EuroMaidan Revolution last year. President Petro Poroshenko, who led events including a memorial walk, condemned the attack.


Petro Poroshenko, Ukrainian President: "Our opponents, our enemies, have tried to destabilise the situation in the country. As you know there was an act of terrorism in Kharkiv, and our special security services were able to prevent an act of terrorism in Odessa. The 'March of Dignity' which was held across the whole of Ukraine, including in Kiev, went absolutely fine."


Despite the deadly attack, some participants continued to march on. Plans for several more attacks in Kharkiv were foiled, Ukraine's Security Service said a city shopping center and a club, popular with Ukrainian soldiers were targets. The deadly attack follows a series of explosions in cities including Odesa, Kharkiv, and Kherson in recent months targeting military facilities and pro-Ukrainian organisations and volunteer groups.

SourceUkraine Today

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