The Association of Ukrainian-Arab Businessmen will cooperate with USPP to attract investment to the country

Fri, 07.06.2019 12:30

Representatives of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (USPP) will participate in the International Economic Ukrainian-Arab Forum, which will be held on June 20 in Kiev. The event is organized by the Association of Ukrainian-Arab Businessmen. Recently, the chairman of the Association, Mohammed Alotti, met with USPP President Anatoly Kinakh. 

Representatives of the government of Ukraine and the countries of the Arab world, the diplomatic corps are invited to participate in the forum, and the development of trade and economic relations between partners will also be considered. These are mainly logistics, instruments for financing foreign trade, etc. 

“The Association of Ukrainian-Arab Businessmen and Investors sees its task in attracting Arab investment to the Ukrainian economy and implementing joint projects in partner countries,” said Alotti. 

He also suggested USPP to establish permanent communication and further consider the possibility of signing certain cooperation agreements. As Anatoly Kinakh noted, Ukrainian industrialists and entrepreneurs are interested in expanding business ties with the countries of the Arab world, so cooperation between organizations can be very successful. “After the forum, there will be some kind of basis for understanding the mutual interests of the partners,” he noted.

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