The American shot a family of Muslims

Wed, 25.02.2015 12:16

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Very young 23-year-old DEA, Shadi Barakat, his 21-year-old wife Usar Mohammad and her 19-year-old sister Razan, were killed.

Neighbors describe the victims as active members of the Muslim community. They were engaged in charity and helping people in developing countries. Guilty voluntarily surrendered to the police and now he is being kept under arrest.

On page Higgs in the social network Facebook have found a photo, on which was written: "People say that the middle East unsolvable problem - no negotiations, no weapons, no money will not help. However, I see the output - atheism".

He also often expressed aggressive and criticized religion. Also published on his personal page offensive religious quotes. The incident provoked religious motives.

The killing became interested in Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He complained that his American counterpart has not made a statement in connection with the murder of three Muslim students in the United States. "If you remain mute in the face of such incident and not make statements, the world will remain it against you," he said.


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