The Ambassador of Ukraine in Egypt receive the chief editor of IP "Ukraine in Arabic"

Thu, 02.07.2015 18:59

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine in Gennady Latyreceive in the walls of the Embassy of the chief editor of the information portal "Ukraine in Arabic" Mohammad Farajallah.

During the meeting the sides discussed possibilities of cooperation in the information sphere, in particular in the context of coverage in the Arab media of the Ukrainian crisis. The two sides also discussed ways to support our country in this field.

Ambassador Gennady laty welcomed Mohammad Farajallah, expressing their joy on the occasion of this visit, also referring to the main efforts of the Ukrainian Embassy in Cairo in the development of relations between our country and Egypt. Gennady Laty also stressed the strategic and key role of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the region and noted the friendly relations between the two countries, which move only in the direction of improvement.

 Mohammad Farajallah briefly presented information portal "Ukraine in Arabic” which delivers the news in three languages (Arabic, English and Russian), describing the purpose of its creation and the important role of the portal, which forms the proper picture of the situation in Ukraine and rapid changes in it. Thus, informercial "Ukraine in Arabic" provides information support to the state in such a difficult time cruel war information.

Editor in chief stressed that the Arabs and their media in most cases get their information about events in Ukraine from the media of neighbouring countries, which have its information policy, which basically goes against the national interests of Ukraine. Arabic reader or viewer becomes the victim of misinformation from a wrong point of view regarding the situation in Ukraine.

Mohammad Farajallah also raised the question of the importance of translation of official news and statements of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry on the Arabic language so that the reader who owns them, could gather reliable and valid information from the source.

Chief editor expressed the readiness of the information portal "Ukraine in Arabic" to this translation, because the main task of informarte is to build a solid bridge between Ukraine and the Arab world. He also added that the structure of the publication is staffed by professional translators who are familiar with the situation in Ukraine, which gives them the ability to accurately, properly, and highly qualified to translate the materials into Arabic.

In turn, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Egypt stated its desire and willingness to cooperate in the information sphere with Ukraine in Arabic, praising the position information portal and calling it "national".


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