Iraq’s Ambassador to Ukraine visits Donetsk City

Fri, 03.01.2014 02:00

Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Ukraine, Mr. Shorsh Khalid Said visited Donetsk City for the period 5-6/12/2013 to participate in the ninth International Economic Forum, which was held in Donetsk under the theme "Discover Donbass".

In his speech at the forum, ambassador noted the positive dynamic in cooperation between Iraq and Ukraine in various fields, such as trade, economic, cultural, agricultural and military-technical fields.

Ambassador also presented detailed explanation about the investment process in Iraq with illustrating diagrams and graphics, calling upon Ukrainian companies with highest performance experiences in the field of infrastructure to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq, and proposed to consider the possibility of establishing joint-venture companies to implement joint investment projects in both countries.

On the sidelines of the forum, ambassador met with Mayor of Donetsk, Representative of the President of Ukraine in Donetsk region and other officials in the province.

During the meeting, Ambassador stressed that there are promising prospects for developing cooperation between Donetsk region and Iraqi provinces, pointing to the importance of holding joint Iraqi-Ukrainian economic forums among Iraqi chambers of commerce and Ukrainian chambers of commerce and industry in Baghdad or Donetsk. He also emphasized the need to expand the participation of Iraqi and Ukrainian companies in the economic activities to be held in Iraq and Ukraine.

During his visit to Donetsk city, Ambassador met at the Donetsk National Medical University with the First Vice-Rector of the university, Mr. Boris Ivnev, and the Director of the International Education Center, Mrs. Elena Gaidarova.

Ambassador expressed his gratitude to the university officials for providing special attention to Iraqi students studying in the university, stressing the readiness of the Embassy and the Cultural Department of the embassy to enhance cooperation with the university for solving problems facing Iraqi students, including accommodation and admission requirements. He also demanded to provide Iraqi students with the necessary level of security to protect them against attacks, whatever their motives.

Ambassador held dinner banquet for Iraqi students in Donetsk, during which, he urged them to abide by the educational system of the university, including attendance and good behavior, stressing the embassy’s keenness to improve the study conditions for the students, and raise their learning and educational achievement.


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