Syrian kurds won't allow Turkey to occupy their territories

Wed, 15.02.2017 16:44

Syrian Kurds intend to prevent the occupation of exempted of ISIS terrorists areas by Syria. The representatives added that the militia would fight against the Turkish forces as long as they do not leave the country.

Syrian Kurds will not cede their territories, including the city of Manbij, to the control of Turkey and will defend them if Turkey attacks, President of Kobani Canton in Syrian Kurdistan Anwar Muslim told Sputnik.

“Manbij is autonomous now. We were helping locals to liberate it from the Islamic State [Daesh]. If they ask us again, we will help, of course. We will not put Manbij under Turkish control,” Muslim said.

He added that sometimes Turkey resorted to provocations and stressed that Kurds had the right to self-defense.

“We regard Turkey, which sent its troops to Syria, as occupants. Sooner or later they will have to leave Syria,” Muslim noted.

On August 24, 2016, Turkey has launched an incursion into northern Syria, in an area some 100 km (60 miles) east of Afrin to stop the US-backed Kurdish YPG forces from extending areas under their control and connecting Syrian Kurdistan’s Kobani and Hasaka in the east with Afrin canton in the west.

Together with the Syrian opposition Turkey took over the city of Jarabulus in north Syria and is currently attacking the al-Bab city.

Turkey considers the Syrian Kurdish militia to be related to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, seen as a terrorist organization by Ankara.

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Source: ekurd.net

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