Syrian Kurds seized eight ISIS fighters, including Zarmanbetov of Ukrainian origin

Thu, 10.01.2019 13:34

Syrian Kurds reported that on January 6-7 they seized eight men, including Askar Zarmanbetov of Ukrainian origin, in eastern Syria, about 15 miles from the Iraqi border. Men are suspected in cooperation with the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) group.

Zarmanbetov, 27, is reportedly of Ukrainian origin and is known as Abu Dawoud Nougha, the Kurdish People's Protection Units, known as the YPG, reported on January 9, according to the Ukrainian news outlet Gordonua.com.

Among the captives are 16-year-old U.S. national Soulay Noah Su (aka Abu Souleiman al-Amriki), 30-year-old citizen of Russia Begjan Bimuraev (Abu Sara), 31-year-old citizen of Germany Lucas Glaß (Abu Ibrahim al-Almani). Two citizens of Uzbekistan (Adil Rahimov, 58, aka Abu Amina Uzbeki and Farhad Qaderov, 28, aka Abu Bilal Uzbeki), one citizen of Tajikistan (Mohammad Dawlat, 22, aka Abu Moshab Tajiki) and one citizen of Kazakhstan (Sattibek Oshibaev, 30, aka Abu Rouqaya) were also captured in Deir al-Zour. The YPG claims the alleged terrorists planned attacks on civilians.

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Source: UNIAN

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