Syrian Democratic Forces succeeded in controlling 70% of the industrial district of Raqqa

Tue, 13.06.2017 13:00

According to The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) succeeded in controlling 70% of the industrial district, which indicates an increase of clashes in the densely populated city center.

More forces entered the stronghold of ISIS with the support of the alliance forces that advanced in the eastern part of Raqqa, where the industrial district is located.

The media official confirmed that violent clashes are taking place in this neighborhood, but the area has not yet been fully secured.

Taking control of the industrial district means that the real battle will begin and the fighting will get tougher as the forces approach the center of the densely populated city of Raqqa, where most important ISIS occupied sites are concentrated.

The Syrian observatory also quoted residents of the old city saying that the area was under heavy bombardment.

In the north, Syria's democratic forces gained control of a sugar factory and following repeated attacks, seized parts of “Division 17” military base, according to the Syrian Observatory.

Source: Al Arabiya

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