Syria create militia similar to Iraq experience

Wed, 07.06.2017 14:17

The Syrian regime began to form new militias under the name of “Popular Mobilization Forces,” similar to those in Iraq.

The main members are sons of clans in Al-Hasakah region, Al Arabiya news channel reported on Wednesday.

The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces have allegedly become a model for the Syrian regime.

News agencies and sites close to the regime spoke in the name of this militia, which involves mainly the sons of tribes who will form the regime’s forces within its operations.

The “Popular Mobilization Forces” belonging to the regime consists of volunteers and retired people from both the tribal, the compulsory and standby services.

The leader of the force, Ali Hawass al-Khalif, is a member of Al-Rashed tribe, and an employee of the regime living in Damascus.

The crowd is formed in coordination with the Military Intelligence Division. Some suggested to name the militia “Island’s shield” and “Sons of Tribes”

About 500 people are joining the militia, mostly from the villages of Damkhya, Safiah and Abu Zuwail near Al-Hasakah.

The establishment of the regime's mobilization came at a time when Kurdish forces were advancing towards the entrances of Raqqa, which had always feared the tribes alliance with the regime.

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Source: Al Arabiya

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