Statistics: Ukrainians on New Year's holidays go to Egypt

Wed, 27.11.2019 15:43

This year Ukrainians are actively ordering tours for the New Year holidays. According to the publication "Mirror of the Week", the number of orders increased by 15%.

In addition, more and more people book tours in 3-6 months, saving up to 30%.

Representatives of TUI said that the preferences of Ukrainians have not changed - Egypt is still in first place. At the same time, the UAE is the main competitive country for the North African country, attracting people with luxurious and futuristic views and many entertainments.

The commercial director of Tez Tour Ukraine, Arkady Maslov, is sure that there is no alternative to Egypt at all on the world market, because the price-quality ratio of the services provided is almost ideal there. Therefore, this country is the main mass winter beach destination not only for Ukrainians, but also for Europeans.

“Most of the tourists go to Egypt, because all other countries are either far away and significantly more expensive, or simply uncomfortable for relaxing in the winter. In addition to the cost of the tour, a simplified visa system is played in favor of Egypt, it takes about three hours to short, time flights, a developed hotel base, as well as a variety of animation programs in hotels, interesting for both adults and children, "Maslov said.

Source: Ukraine in arabic

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