Solemn reception in Kyiv on account of the 61th anniversary Alger Revolution

Tue, 17.11.2015 19:00

  Measure visited members of diplomatic and consular corps, representatives of international organization,  Ukrainian people's deputies, heads of department and Ukrainian representatives of governmental organization, members of Alger community, spiritual leader and others.

  Alger Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in Ukraine Hosing Bussuara expressed thanks to guests for attendance measure commemorate the 61th anniversary beginning heroic Alger Revolution.

  According to diplomat, this date is beginning of return national sovereignty after hard fight against occupation, which continue 132 years. After effect was numerous hurts and death.

  Principle of Revolution the first of November determined the way Alger state from attainment independent as in economy as in international policy. This is important moment for understanding Alger's policy in internal and international aspects.

  "This lucky date concur with the 10th anniversary of national reconciliation, which was materialized by Republic's President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who returned stability and peace after longtime fight against terrorist attacks in 1990s" said Hosing Bussuara.

  Also he said that these days Alger live in stability and social harmony and point up economic progress where at the head is Republic's President.

  Among achievement of social process is creation new workspaces, revival of countryside, mitigating of disagreement between regions, development of policy investment activity, conclusion of  important infrastructure projects, for example building of highway 'Idam', which solved water delivery problem in cities.

  "Our country fight off terrorist attack and Alger's experience in this area is actual in the international field. It should be recalled that international community highly appreciate fortune of Alger intermediation in regulation Malian's conflict, which end on a sign of agreement that allowing Alger advanced recuperation of stability and peace in Mali with a sure step " said Hosing Bussuara.

   As for relationship between Ukraine and Alger, ambassador expressed content. He said that Alger diplomatic mission excited to contribute with Ukraine for growth and diversification of relation between countries.

  Lastly speech Alger diplomat wished stability, peace and success to Ukrainian people.

  In the aftermath of the official part was reception standing, whereby guests were feasted  refined dishes of ethnic cuisine. They were entertained by live music, review videos about Alger Republic. Also guests saw the photos exposition and pictures, coming from Alger national clothes of different times and tribes, and also Algerian war against France for independence 1954-1962s.

SourceIP "Ukraine in Arabic"

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