Singer Jamala spends winter holidays in Egypt

Fri, 24.01.2020 13:51

The Crimean Tatar performer-іштпук Jamala arrived in Sharm el-Sheikh with her husband Bekir and son Emir for a winter vacation. On her page on Instagram she regularly uploads photos from an Arab country, and also explains the reasons for such love for Egypt.

"It is winter here. Of course, it’s not the same as ours. In the afternoon, up to 3 hours you can get your 25, 27, or even 30 degrees of heat. Yes, it’s windy, it’s very cold in the evening, but all this is compensated by incredible fruits, fresh, sun, palm trees, hospitality, "writes Jamala.

She is especially flattered by the attitude of the Egyptians towards children: they are always trying to help, play, sing. Her son has already managed to learn the eastern hit of Habibi. The singer also added that the rest with the child is not the same as it was before, but the happiness of the heir is above all.

“I often fly, as soon as a child cries out in the air, a condemning murmur sweeps through the rows:“ Selfish parents drag a child with them, why do they torture him like this? ”And I used to be the same skeptic. Actually, parents” they’re tormented by themselves. A vacation with a child is not the kind of vacation I’m used to. Everything is subordinate to my son! But when I see happiness in his eyes, the way he eats fruit, runs barefoot on the grass, enjoys the sea, I understand that everything “Flights, our sleepless nights and early hikes, not in vain!”, the performer assured, “she says.

Source: Instagram

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