Shevchenko poems read the Ambassadors of different countries in Kiev

Sun, 15.03.2015 00:03

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ This event is celebrated during the 2014-2015 in Ukraine and around the world.

 The project was initiated by the national Museum of Taras Shevchenko, the Foundation for support of youth and Olympic swimming (Inna Silantyev), the international Fund for cultural cooperation (Vlada Litovchenko) and the international ethno-cultural Folk project Ukraine (Igor dobrucki).

The Grand opening of the project was held at the National Museum of Taras Shevchenko. When the cultural ceremony 12 Ambassadors of different countries and 6 representatives of the diplomatic corps was reading the translated poems Ukrainian poet in their native languages. For the first time in Ukraine in the performance of the Ambassador of Palestine, Etc.Mohammed al-Asaad sounded poetry "the Roar and stone DNP wide" in Arabic, and the Ambassador of Malaysia Mr. Chua Tiong Ban independently translated into Malay "Acbi VI knew panic".

Other works of Shevchenko in translations read the Ambassadors of Poland, Portugal, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Bulgaria, as well as representatives of the embassies of Azerbaijan, Austria, Czech Republic, Belarus and India. To attend the event and to honor the memory of Ukrainian poet came honorary guests, Ambassadors and representatives of governments of Indonesia, Lebanon, Cuba, Kuwait, Iraq and Mexico.

With a welcoming speech at the ceremony were Deputy Minister of culture of Ukraine Rostislav karandeep and MP Denis Silantyev. Held a ceremony, people's artist of Ukraine Olga Sumskaya and Vladimir Ostapchuk, poems of the poet read Dmitry mortar, Olga Slemko and Vladimir talasco in the concert took part Kapranov brothers, Roman Lopatinsky and Pavel Zibrov.

"International cultural and educational project "We share the word of Shevchenko" is a unique event in the cultural life and history of Ukraine. We have managed to gather all the existing translations of the works of T. Shevchenko in different languages. Some of them sounded today for the first time," says co-organizer of the project Vlada Litovchenko.

The next day in the National reserve "Sophia of Kyiv", the organizers held an open Lesson of the Great poet". About the life and creative development of children from boarding schools, socially unprotected layers of the population and the immigrants from the zone of the ATO told the people's artist of Ukraine Ostap Stupka.

Special guest of honor lesson became the third President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, who noted that Shevchenko their creativity gave a lot of hints how to do that Ukraine is in difficult times: "If I was asked what his greatest Testament, I would say that at most, what he wanted Shevchenko our nation is "Dinamika give" and "brotherly love go".

The children competed in a quiz, listen to the memoirs of contemporaries T. Shevchenko, who read Vlada Litovchenko and Inna Silantyev, painted and made a picture of "the Will", which drew a 12-year-old Bogdan of Litvinov from Kiev.

"To honor the memory of Taras Shevchenko every year we must, because it is really the history of our country, but the history should be respected and remembered. The project "We share the word of Shevchenko" United Ukrainians and representatives of foreign countries," says co-organizer Inna Silantyev.

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