Sergiy Pasko : Attack against Jordanians investigating Ukrainian authorities

Fri, 19.06.2015 18:55

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Ukrainian authorities are working to prevent any attacks against foreign students similar to the recent “unprecedented” one against four Jordanians, Ukrainian Ambassador to Jordan Sergiy Pasko said Tuesday.

 Pasko say that his country is “doing everything to capture the attackers”, who wore masks and exceeded 40 in number, according to the account of one of the victims.

The ambassador said he visited Amir Halalmeh and Odai Rawashdeh, who were airlifted to Jordan on Sunday, at the King Hussein Medical Centre’s intensive care unit, expressing hope for their speedy recovery.

Halalmeh, who suffers from a traumatic injury on the left side of his head and brain oedema, is showing “good signs” of progress, according to Pasko, who noted that Jordanian doctors commended the medical care Halalmeh received in Ukraine.  “His oedema is decreasing and he was able to move both legs, which is a sign of no severe damage in the brain,” he added.

 “Good condition with a not very dangerous wound” and was expected to be discharged from hospital on Tuesday or Wednesday Rawashdeh is in, the envoy said.

“Rawashdeh is a third year medical student and he has three more years left… he informed his family of his willingness to go back to Ukraine to continue his studies,” Pasko noted.

Meanwhile, brothers Mohammad and Malik Matarneh preferred to stay in Kharkiv to receive the necessary treatment, he said.  


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