Separatists can be present on the Minsk meeting tomorrow

Fri, 30.01.2015 19:16

Kiev/Ukraine in Arabic/ Representatives of the “republics” will leave Minsk today, but they can come back tomorrow. Has informed Korrespondent.net.

Representatives of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk republics D. Pushlin and V. Dainego are going to leave Minsk in Friday, but they can also return in Belarus capital tomorrow.

“Probably we are going to leave Minsk today but tomorrow we shall decide should we came back or not”.  - said V. Dainego.

Earlier separatists have said that Minsk meeting won’t held because of the Ukrainian representatives absence.

The Ukrainian spokesman L. Kuchma later has informed he will be going on the Minsk  meeting  tomorrow, in the January 31.

Today’s absent of Ukrainian representatives in Minsk was explain by the Ministry of of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine as unwillingness to communicate with anybody else but the signers of the Minsk agreement.

By Daria Grigora

Ukraine in Arabic

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