Science Technology: Ukraine successfully modernizes Т-72АМТ

Thu, 25.04.2019 14:36

The experts of Science Technology company believe that Ukrainian manufacturers are taking a successful commercial and technological step, updating the T-72 battle tank.

The main battle tank T-72 is one of the most massive combat vehicles of our time - more than 30 thousand vehicles were produced, various modifications of the T-72 took part in armed conflicts of modern times.

The fighting machine has earned the love of tankers for its high combat qualities, reliability and unpretentiousness. But the tank, commissioned in 1973, can no longer fully meet the increased requirements of the modern battlefield. However, the veteran is still too early to write off - due to modernization, it is possible to significantly raise both the technical characteristics of the machine and add functionality to it that was not inherent in earlier.

There are a large number of modernization options, largely reflecting both the need to “fit” it in a particular theater of military operations, and the specifics of combat use in a particular country. Ukrainian gunsmiths did not stand aside either: having summarized the experience of combat use of tanks, they proposed their own version of the modernization of the T-72.

The machine, which received the designation T-72AMT, was developed by experts of the Kiev Armored Plant.

Consider the modernization measures implemented in this machine.

  1. Armament complex

Although the main armament - the tank gun remained unchanged, attention was paid to such an important method of firing as firing from closed firing positions. During the training of tank officers, this tactical reception was given insufficient attention, while during the fighting, he once again confirmed its high effectiveness. For the machine, a shooting table with closed firing positions using the side level of the tank.

Anti-aircraft machine-gun installation of the tank is now performed in a closed version, i.e. - for firing from an anti-aircraft machine gun, the tank commander should not leave the reserved volume and risk falling victim to a sniper or a close projectile or mine breakdown. The control panel and the sight-observation device make it possible to conduct aimed fire, and the additional reservation of a machine-gun installation significantly increases its survivability on the battlefield.

Anti-aircraft machine gun installation of a closed type.

  1. Fire Control System (LMS).

Night vision devices are equipped with third-generation electron-optical converters. The OMS includes a sight-device for targeting 1K13-49 “Neman”, which allows to fire a Kombat guided missile launched from the barrel of a tank gun. Due to the high accuracy of targeting, the use of a guided missile allows not only to hit armored targets, but also to strike them at a selected area, as a rule - into the most vulnerable reservation zones. The range at which a guided missile can hit targets is five kilometers.

  1. Defence

The stability of the T-72AMT tank against anti-tank weapons has been greatly enhanced by the use of elements of the Knife dynamic protection system and mounting in the rear of the hull and turret lattice screens. The sides of the car are covered with anti-cumulative screens.

The appearance and section of the element of dynamic protection "Knife"

  1. Communication

The T-72AMP is equipped with two digital radio stations: one from the Turkish company Aselsan, the second Lybid-K-2RB is an American station produced by Motorola, assembled under license from the Kiev company Dolia i Ko.Ltd) instead of R-123 ( R-173), the antenna is equipped with a fold knot, which now allows not to remove the antenna when the tank passes under the wires and hanging branches. Also, the kit of communications includes new, more comfortable headsets. As a result of these technical measures, the range of confident communication increased from 30 to 75 km. The combat vehicle is also equipped with a “telephone” for communication with the accompanying tank infantry, which implements the principle of wireless communication.

It is possible to equip the tank with any other means of communication at the request of the customer.

  1. Navigation equipment

T-72AMT is equipped with a set of navigation equipment "СН-3003 Basalt" developed and manufactured by GP "Orizon-Navigation" (Smol), which determines the standing point and current geographical coordinates, laying routes with visualization on the map with the deviation control function route, visualization of the location and movement of the machines of his unit in real time, the possibility of coordinating the movement of the tank with other machines of his unit.

The unit of navigation equipment "CH-3003 Basalt".

  1. Situational Awareness

To improve the visibility of the surroundings, the T-72AMT is equipped with rear-view video cameras and rear-view mirrors, which greatly facilitates the driver-mechanic movement in reverse in confined spaces. Powerful neon headlights make it easier to see at night.

  1. Chassis

In the design of the T-72AMT used tracks and drive wheels, borrowed from the T-7-80 tank, which significantly increases the smoothness of the course and increases the service life of the chassis. Improving the smoothness of the course, in turn, greatly increases the accuracy when firing from the tank’s on-board armament.

  1. Other improvements

Also in the design of the machine introduced a number of improvements, greatly facilitating its operation:

      - light and sound signals to achieve critical temperature and pressure of oil and coolant will help even an inexperienced driver to avoid critical driving conditions that could cause a failure of the engine of the car;

      - rubber fenders and dust guards significantly reduce the level of dust in the air when the car moves on dusty roads;

      - the auxiliary power unit allows not only to supply with electricity all the systems of the tank when the main engine is not working, but also to power the power tools and household appliances that require a voltage of 220 volts for their work;

       - folding ladders in the back of the wings of the machine allow you to comfortably climb the hull to the crew and repairmen.

  The Ukrainian military industry has significant potential, allowing even more to increase the potential of a veteran tank:

      - mastered the production of tank thermal imaging sights and surveillance devices, which will significantly increase the possibilities for using the tank at night and in conditions of limited visibility;

     - it is possible to install an engine of the 6TD family with a capacity of 1000 or 1200 hp as well as a reversible transmission, which will significantly increase the mobility of the machine, including when reversing;

      - the onboard information and control complex will allow to improve the exchange of information both between machines of the unit and with the higher headquarters, as well as to conduct automatic diagnostics of the systems and components of the machine;

    - a complex motion control system of the tank will improve the characteristics of tank mobility by automating the processes of fuel supply, gear shifting and steering, and significantly reduce fuel consumption, block emergency operation of the engine;

      - the “black box” system will allow documenting the crew’s actions and the operation of the machine’s systems and assemblies in a combat and training environment, in order to either perform an analysis of the training process, or analyze and, by results, improve the combat tactics of the vehicle;

       - the on-board receptionist-respondent of the “own / alien” system of state recognition will allow to reliably protect the tank from “friendly fir

       - the automatic installation of the smoke screen will allow you to quickly fire smoke grenades when the tank is irradiated with enemy laser fire control devices.

In short, the T-72 not only significantly improved its tactical and technical characteristics during the upgrade to the level of the T-72AMT, but also has significant potential for further modernization, which can serve as the basis for the modernization of the tank fleet of many countries, including the Arab world.

In preparing the article, materials are used that are the intellectual property of Defense Defense and Digitec Visual Engineering.

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