Science Technology Company presented the "Varta" armored vehicle at IDEX-2019

Wed, 20.02.2019 17:46

Armored vehicle "Varta" was one of the most striking examples of Ukrainian technology, which was presented at IDEX-2019 by Science Technology company.
Dmitry Polyakov, the first deputy director of the design and production bureau "Ukrainskaia bronetehnika", spoke about the long journey that made the company to the direct cooperation with Science Technology.

“Our first meeting with Science Technology took place back in 2017 at IDEX - then we were a young company and were looking for better ways to promotion,” said Polyakov, noting that the management had been in touch with the company for two years.

“When our product took shape and became actively used by the National Guard and also passed a series of tests, it obtained a serious exporting potential. That was the starting point for the activation of cooperation,” he adds.

In his words Science Technology experts studied the work done and decided to show the armored vehicle at international exhibitions.

“At IDEX-2019 the car was presented in its tropical version, suitable for specific climatic conditions corresponding to the climate of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries,” said Polyakov, stressing that the company is ready to conduct tests in the customer’s country to confirm the claimed benefits.

Within two days representatives of the Saudi Arabian and African ground forces showed interest in the products. Presentation events consisted of several meetings: with the Chief of the General Staff of the SA and the delegation of Kenya, representatives of the Ministry of Security of Saudi Arabia also came.

“In fact, the final outline is ready, we took into account all the comments of customers. The company’s management also plans to invite a delegation of the SA ground forces to Ukraine in order to acquaint them with the new generation of Varta, which will be ready for the summer, as well as show production facilities,” concluded Polyakov 

Note that "Varta" is located in the Ukrainian sector of the firm Science Technology (Saudi Arabia), next to the Ukrainian UAVs and thermal imagers, which according to the representative of the company Science Technology Sergey Berezutsky," opens the production of the Ukrainian OPK to the Middle East market."

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