Science Technology company presented drones on IDEX-2019

Fri, 22.02.2019 16:24

The company Science Technology presented unmanned aerial vehicles at IDEX-2019. Products were developed by Def-C.

The representative of the firm Def-C said that it is primarily about the Observer-S aircraft, which was tested in conditions of radio suppression, jamming (pilot signal) and spoofing. UAV passed the test, having received permissi on to operate.

"Now there are preparing purchasing for Ministry of Defense," - said a company representative.

“The drone is able to fly for about two hours, depending on the loading and configuration, overcoming about 120-200 km. He also gets together as quickly as possible and does not require special skills for piloting,” - he added, noting that training would require only 3 days of training.

The developers, having extensive experience with the military of different specialties, took into account all the comments and will made the device as efficient as possible. The aircraft has a parachute landing, in emergency cases - a wheeled landing.

“During the last tests with the participation of the airborne assault troops, the UAV was landed from a height of two kilometers. Landing took just 30 seconds. Assembling the device after landing was 5 minutes, which is a very good result in extreme conditions,” the expert adds.

According to Science Technology, the UAV can be used in the adjustment of artillery - it shows the real coordinates of the target, which is essential in the conditions of rapid response.

The developers go through the extreme experience of use to the civilian area - given the possible use of UAVs for inspecting gas pipelines, oil pipelines and power lines.

“They managed to show serious results in resolving the tasks set by Ukrtransgaz and Ukrtransnafta.” In addition, it is worth noting the experience in the protection of goods for "Ukrzaliznytsia". There was already a pilot pilot project that showed good results and the correct methodology, ”he said.

On IDEX-2019, the company Science Technology presented the Varta armored vehicle on the IDEX-2019.

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Source: Ukraine in arabic

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