SBU detained in the Kyiv region one of the ISIS leaders

Sat, 16.11.2019 12:08

In the Kyiv region, as a result of a joint special operation of the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and the US Central Intelligence Agency, one of the key leaders of the Islamic State terrorist organization was detained, the SBU press center reports.

“According to the data received, since 2012, a Georgian citizen, nicknamed Al Bara Shishani, served as Amir Jamaat Ahadun Ahat in the Latakia province of the Syrian Arab Republic. In 2013, he took one of the top posts in ISIS - Deputy Military Amir known as" Abu Umar al-Shishani, "it was informed.

Law enforcement authorities found that in 2016 Al Bara Shishani went to Turkey, where he continued to coordinate the activities of a terrorist organization, and in 2018 illegally arrived in Ukraine with a fake passport and continued to coordinate the activities of special ISIS organizations, the so-called Amniyat.

"Law enforcement officers detained the criminal in the metropolitan area near the private house where he lived. A portrait examination was carried out that proved that the detained foreigner is indeed the wanted leader of the Islamic State," the statement said.

Now the terrorist is under extradition arrest. Checks information about his involvement in the commission of crimes in Ukraine.

Source: Interfax

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