SBU confiscated weapons, plastid and optics from the supporters of ISIL in Ukraine

Fri, 29.01.2016 17:19

In Ukraine from the supporters and members of the Islamic State group, the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) confiscated 10 units of firearms with silencers and ammunition, grenades and scopes. Criminals had also stored plastid, components of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), schemes and videos on its production, documents and symbols of terrorist organizations, lots of original and fake passport blanks and bank cards from around the world, and so on. SBU provided this information in response to a request from IP "Ukraine in Arabic."

Also, the report says that in order to counter international terrorism and the activities of ISIL, the SBU is working closely with law enforcement bodies of many countries, particularly in the United States and Turkey. The main purpose of joint activities - is to prevent movement of the members of the ISIL from the Caucasus and Central Asia, through the territory of Ukraine and Turkey to the Syrian-Iraqi conflict zone. SBU also opposes the movement of already trained terrorists to the countries of their descent and also to the EU to commit terrorist acts.

In Ukraine, the SBU successfully cooperates with State Border Guard Service. Thus, 29 foreign citizens who, according to available information, participated in combat operations in Syria as a part of international terrorist organizations and were trying to enter our country, weren’t admitted to the territory of Ukraine. Moreover, SBU with the border guards also forbade the entry of 3 terrorists who have been declared to the international search for participation in combat operations in Syria on the side of terrorist organization.

By the forces of the SBU were detained 25 supporters of the ISIL, who tried to get to Syria or leave it through Ukraine. 22 persons were forcibly returned to countries of their origin and against 3 of them were caused criminal cases for forging documents. Also, security officers detained four foreigners from the members of international terrorist organizations ISIL and Al-Nusra Front, who were wanted by Interpol.

The ministry reported that materials on two counts have been already sent to the Ukrainian courts. The first one is against two people from the countries of Transcaucasia, who organized the financial support of the members of the ISIL, who were located in Ukraine. They also provided terrorists with forged documents.

The court will also decide the fate of another 5 Russian citizens who at the initiative of a member of the ISIL, who is wanted by Interpol, established an organized group in Ukraine to conduct illegal activities.

Investigators of SBU continue to investigate three more criminal proceedings against people who are suspected in involvement in the activities of the ISIL and the commission crimes in Ukraine.

SourceUkraine in Arabic

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