Savchenko went on hunger strike

Mon, 16.03.2015 19:30

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko resumed a hunger strike in Moscow remand prison, said the head of the security Commission of the public chamber of the Russian Federation Anton Tsvetkov.

"According to my data, as I supposed, N. Savchenko today announced the renewal of the hunger strike," said Flowers.

In addition, the network appeared the letter Savchenko on the resumption of the strike. "With 16.03.2015 I'm hungry again, after 10 days interval. And, this time, to the bitter end!!!", - said in the letter posted on his page on Facebook translator and journalist Natalia Malevich.

As reported, on Saturday Ukrainian doctors were allowed to pilot the Hope Savchenko. As reported by the foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin and her lawyer mark Feigin: "Ukrainian doctors have come to Hope Savchenko". Later Ukrainian doctors spoke about health Savchenko.

In particular, a freelance specialist Ministry of health of Ukraine, specialty gastroenterology Natalia Kharchenko said that the pilot gained a few pounds.


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