Saudi Arabia was attacked by terrorists

Tue, 07.04.2015 02:51

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ According to the BBC, in the city Awamia, which is in the parish of Qatif, there was a firefight between security forces and several activists Shiites, who Riyadh considers terrorists.

As a result of a skirmish, one police officer died and three others were injured, said the authorities.

The attackers managed to escape. Now, according to the press Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs, the police were in search of refuge, which are used by terrorists, when police opened fire.

The security forces during the search, found the stockpiles of weapons and telecommunication equipment. Living in Saudi Arabia, the Shia accuse the government of discrimination, because of what it can be difficult to get government and military posts. In Qatif predominantly populated by Shiites.

SourceUmma Inform

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