Saudi Arabia funds terrorism in UK, - Henry Jackson Society

Wed, 05.07.2017 08:08

Saudi Arabia is 'at the top of the list' of countries exporting extremist Islam to the UK, a new report says.

The kingdom has engaged in a 60-year, multi-million dollar campaign to advance its extremist brand of Wahhabi Islam in British Muslim communities, according to a study by the Henry Jackson Society.

This has been achieved through endowment grants to mosques, the funding of Islamic education institutions and the training of imams, the report authors say.

Saudi Arabia is 'at the top of the list' of several Gulf states engaged in an 'intentional and systematic' policy of exporting extremist ideology to the West, a new report claims

'A clear and growing link' can be drawn between this overseas money, which originates in several Gulf states and Iran, and atrocities in the UK and throughout Europe, the society found.

The report identifies what it calls 'an intentional and systematic policy' by these states to 'advance an illiberal and at times anti-Western version of the Islamic religion' in Western countries.

How much money has been allocated to this effort is unknown because the majority of it remains secret, the report admits, but the amount is though to have increased in recent years.

'Indications of the kind of influence that such funding can have...  can be seen through the prevalence of Islamist extremist preachers and literature, including the use of Saudi school textbooks,' the report reads.

Source: Daily Mail

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