Russia's court will work out new accusation in regard to captured ukrainian soldiers

Mon, 10.12.2018 14:41

24 Ukrainian sailors captured by Russia's FSB in the Black Sea may be underwent new charges. 

"All 24 sailors were charged with the same: violation of Part 3 of Article 322 of the Criminal Code of Russia (Illegal crossing the state border of Russia).

The highest punishment under this article is six years in prison. But as is seen from experience in other cases and in relation to other political prisoners, I do not rule out that the Russian authorities may try to bring more charges by adding new articles," Russian lawyer of the Ukrainian sailors Nikolay Polozov said in an interview to Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty's Ukrainian service.

According to him, it will depend on the "political situation and the political will of the Kremlin." "Of course, such a danger exists," the lawyer added.

The Russian authorities have not yet commented on this statement of Polozov.

Earlier was reported that occupational authorities of Crimea asserted that russians helped to annexe peninsula.

Source: UNIAN

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