Russian missile boat invades the sea zone of Ukraine

Thu, 26.03.2020 15:54

A Russian missile boat invaded the exclusive maritime zone of Ukraine at the Odessa gas field. This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the State Border Service.

It is reported that during patrolling, the Ukrainian Maritime Guard, with the support of border aviation, examined the areas of gas condensate fields and identified the captured self-elevating floating drilling rigs "Ukraine" (renamed "Crimea-1") and "Tavrida". The flags of the aggressor country were raised at working rigs.

As it approached the field 5 nautical miles, the watch of the ships of the Marine Guard recognized the missile boat of the Black Sea Fleet, which patrolled nearby.

“At the request of the Marine Guard ship about the purpose of the Russian warship’s stay in the exclusive (marine) economic zone of Ukraine, he said that he was guarding the economic activities of the Russian Federation in the area and reported that it was limited to approach drilling platforms closer than 1 nautical mile,” it says in the message.

Source: RBK

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