Russian man earlier accused of attempt on Putin shot at in Kyiv - media

Fri, 02.06.2017 11:23

The victim of a shoot-out that occurred in Kyiv’s Podil district at 16:49 today turned out to be a Russian citizen Adam Osmaev, who had earlier been accused in Russia of plotting an assassination attempt against President Vladimir Putin, RBC-Ukraine reports citing its source in law enforcement agencies.

It is reported that, according to police, Osmaev and his wife Amina Okueva agreed on an interview, allegedly with a "French journalist Alex Werner from Le Monde" on Kyrylivska Street in Kyiv, RBC-Ukraine reported.

During the meeting, the attacker (whom police later identified as a holder of a Ukrainian passport issued at a name of Oleksandr Dakar, according to the Interior Ministry spox Artem Shevchenko) is reported to have drawn a Glock pistol out of the box and shot Osmaev in the chest. Amina Okueva reportedly responded immediately and fired four rounds at the attacker, using a PM firearm awarded to her by the authorities. Both wounded men were taken to Hospital 17.

Interior Ministry press secretary Artem Shevchenko told UNIAN that one of the two men wounded today in a shootout in Podil district of Kyiv claimed to law enforcers, who had arrived at the scene, he was a foreign correspondent. "Both are seriously wounded. They are receiving treatment. One of them claimed he was a foreign correspondent. Now we are clearing out whether he is from Russia or some other state," Shevchenko said. He also noted that he now does not know the updated information about the state of the wounded. 

Source: UNIAN

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