Russian Federation to close all McDonald’s restaurants in Moscow

Thu, 21.08.2014 13:10

KYIV/Ukraine in arabic/ The Russian government took such a decision in connection with the violation of sanitary norms at eating facilities, food safety officers said.

Many people suspect that the move is some sort of political statement related to the tit-for-tat sanctions war between Russia and the West.

“Well I do not know, actually this McDonald’s is Russian,” said one man. “This step is too much. There is no connection to America. It’s been a Russian-speaking, Russian McDonalds for a long time. This is not a policital issue. There must be something wrong with it.”

Another man said: “They occasionally hit us with different sanctions. Why can’t we do something in return? McDonald’s is a symbol of everything Western. I think this is a good symbolic step that shows we have some guts.”

Russia has banned imports of many Western foods in retaliation for sanctions over the Ukraine crisis.

That’s hurting ordinary Russians by pushing up prices and causing shortages of some goods.

McDonalds employs over 35,000 workers in more than 400 restaurants across Russia.

The first McDonald’s restaurant was opened in Moscow in 1990.


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