Russian continget in Donbas equal to to the military forces of almost all NATO allies in Europe

Mon, 02.10.2017 07:50

The Russian Federation has amassed in the occupied areas of Donbas a military contingent equal to the military forces of almost all NATO allies in Europe, Ukraine’s chief military prosecutor Anatoly Matios told 112 Ukraine TV channel.

The official went on to list the types and name the number of weapons used in the war-torn territories. "650 tanks, 1,310 armored combat vehicles, almost 500 piecese of artillery of various calibers (including large-caliber artillery proscribed by Minsk agreements), almost 260 multiple launch rocket systems, and up to 100 anti-aircraft missile systems," Matios said, stressing that these are all Russian weapons.

"The Russian Federation is currently represented in in Donbas with an almost 3,000-strong [regular] force consisting of two battalion-tactical groups and a tactical group, which, besides the weapons mentioned, also has almost 200 tanks, 400 APCs, 140 artillery pieces, and the latest types of anti-aircraft missile systems," said Matios. The chief military prosecutor listed the Russian military units involved in the fighting.

"Battalion-tactical group of the 333rd paratrooper regiment of the 98th Airborne Brigade, permanently based in Ivanovo, Russia, and now deployed in Donetsk. Another Russian battalion-tactical group is the 20th separate motorized rifle brigade of the 49th army with a permanent base in Stavropol, Russia, and now deployed in the town of Snizhne.

There is also a company tactical group from Novorossiysk. Airborne-assault brigade, which is now in the city of Luhansk.The 155th Marine Brigade from Vladivostok, 61 Marine Brigade from the town of Sputnik, Murmansk region," said the chief military prosecutor. According to him, the total number of Russians fighting in Donbas amounts to 11,000, including 3,000 regular troops.

"The first army corps deployed in the city of Donetsk ("1 AC DPR") has a strength of five brigades, three separate regiments, eight separate battalions, two separate companies, five territorial defense battalions, more than 18,000 people.The so-called "1 AC DPR" has in service almost 350 tanks, 600 APCs, 250 atrillery pieces, and 130 MLR systems," he said. "The second army corps deployed in Luhansk ("2 AC LPR") consists of four brigades, two separate regiments, six separate battalions, right territorial defense battalions, two separate companies. It has 155 tanks, 300 APCs, 110 artillery pieces, and 40 MLR systems," said Matios.

Source: UNIAN

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