Russian citizens have a negative attitude to sending humanitarian aid abroad

Fri, 03.04.2020 16:43

Residents of different regions of the Russian Federation reacted very negatively to the previously announced sending of humanitarian aid to Italy and the United States with protective equipment and special machines. This is evidenced by comments and posts at social networks and instant messengers.

In addition, a video was gaining popularity on the Internet about how the Russian authorities and Russian President Vladimir Putin finally let the situation in Russia with the coronovirus go on its own.

Instead of helping Russian regions, they are sending supposedly humanitarian aid abroad, where even a virologist can cope without irrigation machines and military personnel.

“Thus, we were once again shown what the life of a simple Russian is for them,” the video says.

The Russian author of the video also notes: “In the meantime, the number of patients with a new infection is growing exponentially every hour. Hospitals do not have the most basic - masks and simple protective suits. But let the Russian citizen amuse you with the thought that Trump called Putin’s sending to the States an airplane with medical equipment “Very nice.” And yes, if you survive, don’t forget to go vote for amendments to the Constitution. ”

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Source: Belprauda

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