Russian-backed militants kill Ukrainian battlefield medic during body recovery

Tue, 14.07.2020 16:11

Russian-backed militants opened fire at a group of Ukrainian battlefield medics during a body recovery operation in the hostilities zone, killing one and injuring two service members, the Ukrainian military command reported on July 13.

The Ukrainian team was sent into the no-man’s land between Ukrainian and militant positions to recover the body of a Ukrainian soldier who had struck an unidentified explosive device and been killed at the scene.

"Having received confirmation of the Silence regime, the evacuation group in white helmets with identification marks did not manage to reach the body of the fallen several meters. At that time, the enemy opened fire to defeat from small arms. The group retreated, but the military medic hurried to help the wounded. At this moment "the enemy again began shelling with grenade launchers of various systems and heavy machine guns. As a result of enemy fire, a military medic was killed, one soldier was injured, and another was injured."

Now the bodies of the dead and the wounded warrior are at the site of the shelling. Negotiations are ongoing with the OSCE SMM regarding their evacuation.

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