Russia should not approach the borders of the European Union!

Fri, 27.02.2015 03:57

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ However, to respond to each destabilizing step Russia needs "in the same way, and even more powerful.About these and other issues in an exclusive interview to UKRINFORM said the Director of the Centre for European and North Atlantic relations Slovakia, former state Secretary of the Ministry of defence of the Slovak Republic Robert Andreychuk, who arrived in Kyiv to participate in the training organized by the Foundation "Open Ukraine".

About these and other issues in an exclusive interview to UKRINFORM said the Director of the Centre for European and North Atlantic relations Slovakia, former state Secretary of the Ministry of defence of the Slovak Republic Robert Andreychuk, who arrived in Kyiv to participate in the training organized by the Foundation "Open Ukraine"

- Robert, aren't you afraid of what currently is happening in Ukraine?

 "We are very carefully watching the situation in Ukraine. To separate security from the security of Slovakia, Eastern Europe, however, so this situation is important not only for us but for the whole European security. The Russia's annexation of the Crimea year ago and politico-military intervention in the East of Ukraine is actually destroyed all the fundamental principles, the whole architecture of European security.

 First, Russia had violated the principle of territorial integrity and inviolability of state borders. Secondly, Russia has violated the taboo on the use of military force to achieve political goals. In addition, with the annexation of the Crimea and increased Russian military presence was broken the strategic balance in the black sea region, and, in fact, not only there.

 Therefore, the current security threat concerns not only Ukraine, but also us. We must respond to them with all possible means. The development of the security situation in Ukraine in the negative scenario will have a negative impact on all the EU's Eastern borders.

- What are the threats to your country is it?

 Unfortunately, it is impossible to eliminate war in Europe, after the war came back. Don't expect that Russia would not use military force, it has used military component. If Ukraine is in a state of war, it directly affects our security. Because we form a unified security complex with Ukraine.

 We don't want the Russians approached the borders of the EU. We want them to stay where they are - on the Ukrainian-Russian border. And this is the reason why we should support Ukraine in all possible ways.

 - In your opinion, what is the purpose of Russia in the war at the Donbass?

 - Russia will never accept the independence of the Ukrainian state. Russia doesn't want to let Ukraine was elected its own vector of development of foreign and security policy. Russia does not want to accept the fact that Ukraine has the right to join the EU. The Kremlin does not want to see a more stable and developed the Ukraine, because it will make it impossible for Russia's influence. One should not exclude that under a worst-case scenario, Russia will try to realize their subsequent territorial claims against Ukraine, and not only in the Crimea and the Donbas, and even further South.

 - Land corridor to the Crimea?

  -Yes, in the Crimea, and even further.

 Up to the border with Slovakia?

 - I do not think that up to Slovakia. Perhaps in the Odessa region, to the border with Moldova.

 - So you eliminate the possibility of coming war to the borders of Slovakia?

 - Russia will move up until we take it down. A lot depends on our response. We, the EU and NATO should create a certain counterweight and to respond appropriately to the steps of Russia, forcing her to stop. And it must be reliable counterweight. For each destabilizing step of the Kremlin, the West should respond in the same way, and even more powerfully. Very seriously, we must respond to a violation of Russia's agreements "Minsk-2".

 - What does this "seriousness"?

 - The economic power of the USA and EU combined 20 times more than Russia. This means that our most powerful weapon is the economy. We can strengthen economic sanctions, can cut off Russia from Bank SWIFT network. It will destroy the Russian economy.

 In addition, the West should provide weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There is no international norm prohibiting arms supplies to Ukraine. If Ukraine wants, we should do it.

 In parallel, we must support your integration perspective. We need to be clear: if Ukraine meets all the criteria, including membership in NATO, our doors are open.

 - Are tanks, multiple rocket launchers and the Russian military in the East of Ukraine is sufficient for you proof of the Russian military presence? And you see all this Armada in Europe?

 - I think that no one in Europe does not question the fact that Russia has a military presence in the East of Ukraine and directly involved in the conflict. Actually, the representatives of each country vocal about it and recognize that events in the Donbas is also a European issue.

 The problem is that European countries do not know how to respond to this challenge. Because we was not very long war. The EU is not a military Alliance, it is more economic education. It is difficult for us to find a solution together to respond militarily.

 - In your opinion, can the Ukrainian army to win this "hybrid" war on Donbass?

 In the beginning of the conflict last year, the Ukrainian Armed Forces were unprepared for such a war. But you could change the situation for several months. It is striking to deploy thousands of military, mobilize 50 thousand people.

 Then, in August, if Russia did not directly interfere with their regular troops, the war would have ended. Now again: if the Russians were not involved in the operation to capture Debaltsevo, the Ukrainian military could continue to hold. It is clear that Russia provides separatists (we in the West call them so) weapons and equipment, ensures their governance structures.

 So the biggest problem is the military intervention of Russia. Even creating during the summer combat-ready army, you still militarily will not be able to defeat Russia. While she will be in the Donbass, it will be very difficult.

 And regarding the definition of "hybrid" war, I would have questioned. In the Crimea was not a "hybrid" war. It was a classic application of the special operations forces. And in the East of Ukraine is happening conventional war using heavy weapons.

 - Will the settlement of the conflict in the Donbass peacekeeping mission, how realistic is it to see the "blue helmets" in the Donbass?

 - Actually, I don't think that this idea, though correct, has a chance embodiment. To get the mandate of the UN will not allow Russia, which will block the decision in the security Council. But the EU separately will not deploy mission without the permission of the UN. Indeed, in the security strategy, the EU recorded that without a UN mandate, the EU will not deploy mission abroad.

 Russia almost openly, columns aims at Donbass military equipment and weapons. The West has so far refrained from supplying arms to Ukraine, wary of engaging in a military confrontation with Russia. What should happen to the West finally decided on this issue?

 - The decision on this issue is largely dependent on Russia itself, from its subsequent steps. If the Kremlin will resort to further escalate, if it crossed a "red line", the supply of defensive weapons can begin.

 And where is this "red line"? What could be "redder" than Debaltsevo?

 "You know, I don't have a "crystal ball". If the "Minsk-2" will be completely disrupted, will be held next escalation will continue fighting on all fronts, with the support of Russia, or, for example, the attack on Mariupol, I think it will mean a clear intersection of Russia "red line". With all the consequences


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