Russia ignores inquiries on detained Ukrainian teenager Pavlo Hryb

Fri, 03.11.2017 09:59

The Russian Ombudsperson has been ignoring inquiries on the status of Ukrainian citizen Pavlo Hryb, who is being tried in Krasnodar after being abducted by Russian intelligence operatives in Belarus, that’s according to Valeriya Lutkovska, the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights, RBC-Ukraine reports.

"I received no reply to five of my letters addressed to the Russian Ombudsperson. Besides, they were not on the merits of charges, they were about… [Pavlo Hryb’s] health condition, the medication required, the conditions in which he is being held, and the possibility of allowing access of relatives, meetings with his family and doctors. Unfortunately, there has still been no official information," she said. Lutkovska also said that she communicated with the detainee’s father, Ihor Hryb. "If I'm not mistaken, [Ihor Hryb] was denied a date with Pavlo," she noted.

Pavlo Hryb's father, Ihor Hryb, has earlier told UNIAN that his son, 19, had been detained by FSB operatives in the Belarusian city of Gomel where he had arrived by charter bus on Ukraine's Independence Day, August 24, to meet with a girl whom he supposedly met on the internet. Media reports claim the teenager was lured into Belarus in a sophisticated FSB operation involving a young girl from Russia who Pavlo believed had feelings for him.

Source: UNIAN

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