Russia didn't fulfill single clause of Minsk agreements, - Ukraine

Mon, 20.03.2017 12:06

"Moscow has no political will at all to fulfill them," she said in a statement posted on the ministry's Facebook page on Saturday evening.

"The situation in Donbas remains extremely tense. The number of armed provocations committed by fighters from illegal armed groups with the support of the Russian Federation against the Armed Forces of Ukraine is on the rise. Dozens of attacks mounted by Russian-backed militant are recorded every day. They actively use artillery, mortars, armored vehicles, Grad multiple rocket launchers. Constant violations by the Russian Federation of the Minsk agreements undermine efforts made by Ukraine and the international community to restore peace and security in certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions," Betsa said.

"The developments in the last month have become a revealing demonstration by the Kremlin of its intent to continue the course toward escalation of the armed conflict it has unleashed and unwillingness to adhere to its obligations," she said.

"The seizure of Ukrainian enterprises by the Russian-terrorist forces is a new element of the hybrid warfare of Russia against Ukraine and another powerful blow to the Ukrainian economy, since these enterprises once managed to stay within the legal field of Ukraine, paying taxes to the Ukrainian budget, including the war tax to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces, employing thousands of Ukrainian citizens, maintaining metallurgy as one of Ukraine's key sources of forex revenue," she said. Betsa assured that Ukraine, for its part, will continue to remain committed to the Minsk agreements, and will make determined efforts to fully implement them.

Source: UNIAN

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