Retail sales in Ukraine increased by 12% In January

Sat, 22.02.2020 12:52

Retail trade in Ukraine continues to grow, in January + 12.1% to January last year in physical volumes. About wrote on the Facebook page of economist Vladimir Kompaniets, reports Agnewnews.ua.

The problem is one - the share of imported goods is likely to continue to grow again at this rate again this year, even for food products.

The largest retail sales in January 2020 in physical volumes increased:
1) Zaporozhye + 17.7%
2) Ternopil + 17.4%
3) Kirovograd + 16.0%
4) Kyiv + 15.4%
5) Khmelnytsky + 15.4%

The smallest growth rates of retail trade in January 2020 in physical volumes:
1) Transcarpathian + 3.5%
2) Lugansk + 5.8%
3) Chernihiv + 8.4%
4) Donetsk + 10.3%
5) Volyn + 10.6%

Source: UNIAN

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