Representatives of Ukraine diasporas develop the country culture

Wed, 15.04.2015 12:38

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Organized by production company "Studio World Stars".

The General partner, provided as sponsorship and media support for the event, made dental clinic "Granddent", whose Director is Aref al-Mohamad.

After two qualifying rounds, were selected the best of the best. In the concert-hall "sady Pobedy" was held a Gala concert, on completion of which was awarded to the participants, handing out prizes, gifts, trophies, certificates, and tickets to the chocolate Museum. Dr. Aref al-Mohamad personally handed the gifts to the winners together with the organizers of the festival.

Dental clinic "Granddent" gave each participant prizes and special certificates giving the holder a discount of 5% to 25% for treatment at a health facility.

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