Red Cross required more information about Russian humanitarian aid

Thu, 14.08.2014 13:38

KYIV/Ukraine in arabic/Russian Federation has shared a list of goods on its humanitarian convoy to Ukrainian government and the International Committee of the Red Cross, but the aid agency has demanded a more details about it.

It’s need to be noted that ICRC has been holding talks with Ukrainian and Russian authorities on delivering Russia's proposed aid to eastern Ukraine, and declared its neutral role in a conflict between two states.

"The Russian authorities gave a general list of items with the Ukrainian authorities and the ICRC. The list includes basic necessities such as water bottles, food items, as well as generators", - said on Wednesday ICRC spokeswoman Anastasia Isyuk. According to her, Red Cross needs more detailed inventory about the contents of the 280 trucks to permit their entry into the Ukrainian territory.

Earlier Ukraine called the sending of a humanitarian aid convoy from Russian Federation to eastern Ukraine as an act of cynicism. There were reflected a lot of suspicions in Kyiv and European countries that transit of 280 Russian trucks with so-called humanitarian aid onto Ukrainian east could be hidden military action to help separatists which losing now in the fight with state army forces.

"The level of Russian cynicism knows no bounds. First they send tanks, Grad missiles and bandits who fire on Ukrainians and then they send water, bread and medicals for treating people suffered at this undeclared war", - ," – said at a government meeting Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseny Yatsenyuk.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov also wrote on his Facebook page: "No Putin 'humanitarian convoy' will be allowed across the territory of Kharkiv region. The provocation by a cynical aggressor will not be allowed on our territory."

But later Ukrainian authorities have changed their opinion and noted that cargo would have to be unloaded from Russian trucks at the border and transferred under international Red Cross aegis onto other vehicles. The European Union (EU) said the contents would have to be scrutinized.

At its turn, Russia, which sees Russian-speakers in the east under threat from a government it considers chauvinistic, said any suggestion of a link between the convoy and an invasion plan was absurd.

Under the preliminary information, the convoy with Russian humanitarian aid appeared to be at the Russian town of Voronezh, about 340 km from Shebekino on the Ukrainian border.


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