Razumkov: Peace in Donbas and return of Crimea cannot be settled by laws

Mon, 05.08.2019 19:01

Leader of the Servant of the People political party Dmytro Razumkov has stated that the issues of Crimea’s return to Ukraine and peace in Donbas cannot be settled by laws.
“This is one of the key problems in the country. We all want peace to come and Donbas and Crimea to return to Ukraine. Unfortunately, this cannot be settled by laws,” he said this in an interview with the Kommersant media outlet.
At the same time, he stressed that the issue of possible status for Donbas is the “legislative part.”

“This will be obviously discussed in the Verkhovna Rada, but this problem, the war, is not a matter of laws. It is a matter of desire. Desire to end this war. The Ukrainian side has it. Unfortunately, not all participants in this process share this desire. This is more the issue of diplomacy, sanction pressure, issues of domestic policy related to the fight against corruption, information policy, economy, infrastructure, social policy,” Razumkov noted.

In his opinion, it will be necessary to carry out a whole set of tasks "which will allow to return the temporarily occupied territories faster".

Source: Ukrinform

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