Rate of divorce rise up 50% in Saudi Arabia

Fri, 20.10.2017 10:54

The number of divorce cases in Saudi Arabia has exponentially increased in recent years.

According to Saudi Open Data, 35,000 divorce cases were reported in 2015, and 40,000 in 2016.

Experts believe that divorce rates have gone up by around 50 per cent this year from last year.

According to the General Authority of Statistics, currently one in five marriages end in divorce.

On an average around 127 divorce cases take place in a day.

Rola Ashour, a licensed mental health practitioner and a family counsellor, believes that parents are one of the main causes of divorce between couples.

“I have so many cases where the husband’s mother pulls the string in the marriage,” she said, adding that husbands rarely stands up to their mothers.

According to judicial sources, around 80 per cent cite social media or family interference as causes for their break ups.

In one case, a Saudi mother took notes on when her daughter-in-law came and left the house.

She would then relate the information to her son and provoke him to confront his wife about it, Ashour said.

Young men and women have also been forced into marriages of convenience as parents want their children to marry into their tribe or caste.

One counsellor who did not want to be named said that many times the focus is on the parent’s desires rather than the happiness of their children. Social media is another driving force dividing couples.

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Source: GulfNews

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